Community Drops

How Community Drops Work

What we offer is a program that utilizes a central drop off point.  What we are looking for is a “Host” to provide a location which we can use to deliver multiple boxes.  This person would then allow members of the Community group to pick up their box at a specified time.

The benefits are simple: 

  • We pass our fuel and time savings on to you.
  • We can then deliver boxes to places and individuals that we couldn’t before.
  • The members of the Community group either receive free delivery or a discount on their box.

These arrangements work well in close neighborhoods, with close family and friends, and also at the office.

If the Community group grows too large, we can look for additional “host(s)” or if the demand has become large enough, we will begin normal delivery service in the area.  If the Community group would like to continue, it may. Please call our office @ 480-659-4290 for more assistance.