Organic, Local, Delivered

Each week we source the highest quality organic Fruits and Vegetables our region has to offer.

1. We make your life easier by pre-assorting several types and sizes of boxes producing the best weekly value possible. This takes the confusion out of buying seasonal produce. This allows standing orders to be delivered to our weekly and every other week customers automatically.

2. Looking for more options? We allow you to exchange produce in and out of your order with the ability to purchase additional products. Choose from our 15-20 fruits and 30-35 veggies available each week.

3. Finally we make delivery easy too. Home orders are delivered to your doorstep before 7am in the morning.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    or your money back

  • No Subscription Necessary
    Minimum Order only $29.95

  • Weekly, Every Other Week, or One Time delivery options

  • Pre-assorted Boxes contain a Full Week of Produce

  • Help support local Farmers!
    We buy local organic produce whenever possible

  • Free Delivery to your home or office

  • Save time, Fuel, Money and the Planet

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How Our Service Works


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