Customer Testimonials

Name: Leslie
Subject: Thanks and Wow!

I forgot how wonderfully fresh your veggies were. I traveled this summer and put my account on hold till this week. This morning when I received my first box in a long time I was almost doing cartwheels in the kitchen - What a beautiful array of fresh fruits and veggies. Thank you so much for all you do!

Name: Sheryl
Subject: Compliment

Just got my first box. I am completely pleased with everything. All the produce is beautiful. I wouldn't have been able to buy such beautiful fruits and veggies if i had gone to the market myself. Just wanted to thank you so very much!

Name: Ami
Subject: Wow!

Wow. What gorgeous produce. Thank you for making organic and local so easy.

Name: Gayle
Subject: My first impression of Nature's Garden Delivered

I am thrilled with your products and excellent service. Everything I received yesterday was top quality and super fresh. The grapes and strawberries were the most delicious I've ever tasted and the lettuce was fabulous. I'm going to cook the zucchini with mushrooms today and I know it will be incredibly good. Nathan was extremely professional and nice and offered to help me with the heavy box. He made sure that I got coffee that was fresh roasted the same morning, which I thought was really acommodating of him. I am enjoying the lovely organic produce so much and looking forward to being a loyal customer for years to come! Thank you so much for allowing me to qualify for business delivery, which is a big help to me. Keep up the good work, your efforts are really helping the environment. Thanks very much.

Name: Jonel
Subject: Thank you!

I love this service! The produce is of excellent quality, and getting my box of goodies on Thursday is like Christmas morning. Keep up the good work.

Name: Syndie
Subject: First Order

Just received my first "box" this morning & loved it! Took pictures with my phone & sent them off to my friends! The items were packaged beautifully & looked great. Even got a bottle of OJ from Tempe AZ & both my husband & I were not only impressed with the taste, but the fact that it contained no sugar (100% OJ)...he had to check :-). Thank you again.

Name: Heather
Subject: I love Nature's Garden Delivered!

Hello, I had to drop a little note to let you know how much I love this service! From the website to the quality of the organic fruits and vegetables, Natures Garden makes eating organic effortless! Your service gives me the piece-of-mind that I am feeding my family and myself quality fruits and vegetables---not to mention that it is affordable! THANK YOU! If you ever need to provide a potential customer with a referral please, feel free to contact me :)

Name: Vanessa
Subject: awesome

Comments: I received my first box this morning! I'm so impressed! I've emailed everyone I know in the area to tell them about your amazing service!

Name: Laura
Subject: WOW

Comments: I just wanted to tell you all how amazed I am at my first delivery! I am IN LOVE with your company now! I just can't say enough good things about you guys! I have told everyone on facebook about you!!!!!!!! You are awesome! Thank you for helping me with my new healthier lifestyle!

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