Fundraising for Schools

What is the program all about?

Raising as much money for your school as possible with something everyone can use.

Fresh 100% Organic Fruits and Vegetables!

Nature’s Garden Delivered is proud to offer a new and unique fundraising program. Our service provides bought to order certified organic produce delivered right to participants home. Amazingly fresh and consistent organic produce fosters happy healthy families and much needed funding for your school!

For Each order we give back %5 to your school!

Enjoy fresh certified organic fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and free from GMO's. The Farmers Market Program promotes a healthy lifestyle for your school community while providing an unique fundraising opportunity to the school.

How does it work?

The idea is very simple and surprisingly low maintenance. Participants sign up for the fundraiser through our website. Each week or every other week, the participants are supplied with personalized boxes of freshly harvested organic fruits and vegetables.

This cycle continues throughout the school year. Home deliveries may continue through the summer.  Sales are tallied by Us and checks are mailed to the school every quarter.

The school is supplied with valuable funds and everyone gets to stock up on delicious organic fruits and vegetables - it couldn’t be better!

How do we get started?

Contact Us!

Once your school is on board, you just need to let everyone know about the program! We are here to help every step of the way.

Flyers will be provided for distribution along with phone and web based customer service for anyone with questions prior to registration.

We are happy to help promote the program at your school.  Typically we bring fruit for tasting and have sample boxes to show the parents what they are buying.  Our staff will be onsite to answer any questions.  If you wish to reveal our program at a particular event already scheduled at your school, we ask for a minimum two week notice.

Online Sign-Up

We will add your school to our fundraising page.  Participants will choose their school from the drop down menu during the sign up process.  If your school has a website, we can place a link to direct participants to our sign up page.

What's next?

Each week on Friday our system automatically creates orders for any active customers for the upcoming week.  Participants are notified by email when orders are ready for review.  Customers have from Friday at 12 Noon until 24hrs before their delivery to change, modify, or delete orders.

For More Information Please Contact Us

Our phone number is 480-659-4290

Contact Via Email