Where does the food come from?

      Our produce comes from local regional farms when available. Many people have differing views on what is to be considered a local product. Rather than putting a concrete distance on mileage from our location, we like to use a generally accepted definition of local as being “within a day’s leisurely drive from ones home”. Much of our weekly selection of produce fits into this definition.

      We strive to locate items with the lowest carbon footprint. Our regions organic food comes from a limited number of organic farms. For this reason we must occasionally source from outside our local region. Items which cannot be grown in our local region are also sourced with our carbon footprint in mind.

      More reasons to buy local

  • Buying local helps the environment by greatly reducing shipping distances.
  • Buying local gives us the ability to deliver produce which has been harvested just days before you receive it.
  • Last, but not least, buying locally helps our local economy prosper.

Local Artisan Produced Foods

      Canít live on just produce? Neither could we! Take a look at our large selection of locally produced goods on our products page.

      Any and all of these products can be added to your weekly produce box. We take buying local one step further with our non produce offerings. Sample some of the best foods Phoenix has to offer. Know of some other great locally produced goods? Contact us and we will see if the product fits our criteria.

Our current list includes:
Fishhugger, Laughing Giraffe Organics, Coffee (Roasting by Espressions Coffee Roastery), Souvia Tea, Pasta and Sugo, Sun Orchards Juices, Especial Tuna, Queen Creek Olive Oil, Bread Basket Bakery, Simply Bread, Bariani Olive Oil and skin care products, Wei of Chocolate, Bee Charma Honey.

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