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(O) EGGS - Chicken (Stueve) - $9.99 ea
We're excited to introduce Stueve Organic Farms, a multi-generation, family farm located in California's Central Valley. If you've never tasted pasture-raised, fertile eggs, you're in for a treat. Stueve Organic provides the highest quality, pasture raised, fertile eggs from hens living in healthy, humane conditions. Their chickens roam on native pastures that have never been sprayed with pesticides or chemicals. Stueve Organic uses mobile chicken coops in their fields, manually moving them every other day so chickens have a fresh area for feed (grass, weeds, clover, fly larva, grubs and other insects), and also keeps the chickens' living area clean.
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Stueve Organic Family Farm

(NL) EGGS - Quail - $2.99 ea
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10 eggs per container