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5 Facts about Sweet Potatoes and Yams

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Most of us think of Sweet Potatoes and Yams with marshmallows on top at the Thanksgiving dinner table but there are several ways to use this wonderful root. Did you know the following facts about them?

1.  While in the market all year-round, their peak season is from March to June.

2.  Sweet Potatoes and yams are full of vitamins A and C, and their natural sugar makes them a good candidate for the healthful dessert department.

3.  The bright orange ones are the yams, and the lighter-colored tubers are the sweet potatoes.

4. You may boil them but they taste better baked in a 350-degree (F) oven till tender (about and hour). Don’t forget to eat the skins because they contain many of the nutrients.

5.  Store the tubers in a cool, dry dark and well ventilated place and never allow them to become chilled. Properly stored, they will keep for a month or so.

What fun facts do you have to share about a sweet potato or yam?

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7 Interesting Facts about Summer Squash

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1. All the different types of squash are a good source of vitamin A, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and vitamin C.

2. Summer squash differs from the winter type by being more tender and having a thinner rind. This skin should not be discarded because it contains many valuable nutrients.

3. You will find summer squash in all shades of yellow and green, in shapes that vary from the bulbous-ended crook-neck to the slender straight zucchini. Choose smooth, unblemished squash with no soft spots. Gently scrub the squash with a vegetable brush under cold water, and you are ready to cook it or slice it to add to salad.

4. Summer squash is best when either steamed or simmered in a small amount of water until just barely tender.

5. Because it has a high water content, it’s best not to salt squash until after cooking or too much water will cook out.

6. Try some deep-fried zucchini sticks as an alternative to the ever-popular French fry. Dry the julienne sticks well with paper towels before deep frying them in hot oil.

7. Keep all summer squashes unwrapped in the fridge, and use them within 3 days of purchase or delivery.

What’s your favorite summer squash recipe?

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