5 Eco-friendly home improvement trends

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Believe it or not, there are many ways to make your home green that you can do yourself - easier than you may think!  The following five eco-friendly home improvement trends will make your home more green:

  1. Counter tops. There are many options when it comes to counter tops. Of course you have your choice between Formica or granite, but what about eco-friendly materials?  One option is bamboo.  Bamboo flooring has been popular for quite sometime. but its counter top counter part is slowly on the rise, and with good reason.  Another option to consider is recycled paper counter tops. I know it sounds crazy, but these counter tops do everything a regular counter top does, except made from recycled materials!  Recycled paper counter tops are also very affordable, making them a great, green option.
  2. Furniture. Eco-friendly furniture is built in a way that  has the least amount of negative impact on the earth as possible. Wood furniture that comes from renewable sources or natural wood that is not treated is definitely considered green and eco-friendly furniture. But if you are really resourceful, you can reupholster a piece of old furniture instead of purchasing a new piece!
  3. Garage doors. There are surprisingly a few great options when it comes to eco-friendly garage doors.  Steel garage doors are recyclable and also offer great protection.  Of course, all natural wood can be used for garage doors as well.  Many eco-friendly garage doors are build the same way green furniture is built - so that the least amount of negative impact on the earth is exerted.
  4. Roofing. If you are interested in having an ec0-friendly roof, you can contract an energy certified builder do find out what is best for your house.  Of course, your roof is an extremely important part of your home, so you will want to consult with professionals for this project. Staying away from toxic materials will be key in this project. That being said, it is well worth it in the end!
  5. Floor tiles. Yes - it seems you can get almost anything made out of recycled materials these days… including glass floor tiles! These tiles are just as tough and sturdy as ceramic tiles and come in all sorts of wonderful colors and patterns.

Do you have any eco-friendly home improvement tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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