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Living green and embracing all things eco-friendly is becoming increasingly popular each day.  More and more people are taking their personal carbon footprint into account.  And with that personal regard to protecting the earth people have started to go green in all aspects of their lives – including gift giving. Here are five eco-friendly gifts that will inspire anyone to go green themselves!

1. Recycled stationary. Personalized cards, envelops and notebooks is a special gift.  But next time you consider purchasing stationary, consider green stationary – and I don’t mean the color!  Many paper and stationary companies now offer an eco-friendly option: stationary made from recycled paper.  You can get it personalized with names, initials or whatever your little heart desires!  If you’re interested, check out the selection of earth-friendly stationary at The Stationary Studio.

2. Food. (Organic only, please!) Many people give homemade cookies, cakes, jams and breads as gifts – and they make great ones!  But next time you give food as a gift – go organic.  Make your jam with organic berries. Use fresh or local ingredients for your bread. If you really want to impress someone, put together a gift basket full of organic goodies!

3. Bath and body products. In my day I have been given a variety of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, skincare products… pretty much everything under the sun!  And each and every bath or body product I have received has gone to use. Only one thing would have made the gifts better… and that is being all natural.  There are many all natural bath and body products out there in a variety of shapes, sizes and smells.  I suggest checking out www.EcoEllies.com for a great selection.

4. Wine. Wine is a very common gift for all occasions, and you don’t have to give up your go-to gift to please your eco-friendly needs.  There are many organic wines, made from biodynamic viticulture.  And don’t worry – there is a great selection of organic wines as well.  Visit Southbrook Vineyards to start exploring the world of organic wine!

5. Clothing. Clothing will always be a very popular gift among friends and families.  But next time you give your loved one an article of clothing, choose an eco-friendly option. Did you know that “Conventional or non-organic cotton and polyester make up approximately 80% of all fiber production globally”? I didn’t either.  That is until I visited Fashion & Earth online. You can truly make a difference by purchasing eco-friendly clothing… and what better way to get started than giving the gift of green to a friend?

What are your favorite green gifts?  Let us know in the comments!

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