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Tea Pastries in their Natural Habitat

One of the highlights of having a Five Diamond resort in the Phoenix Valley is that there is a certain award winning tea that is hosted daily in its very own tea lobby court.  The Phoenician has been hosting a traditional English tea every afternoon in season for its guests.  Feel free to leave the oversized hat at home, but pearls are most welcome.  You’ll want to dress up a bit so you don’t feel like the china and silverware are stealing the show.

In true tea fashion, once you have picked your desired tea choice, it arrives in your very own personal tea pot.  Choices are varied from within the categories of  Herbal, Scented, Green and Black and the proverbial Decaffeinated.  Herbal boasts selections like Chamomile and Star Spangled Herbal- a blend of Hibiscus, Chamomile, Berries and

other complimentary herbs.  Classic Earl Grey and English Breakfast are standards on the menu.  Using your own silver tea strainer that perches on your cup, pour your custom blend through to fill your cup.  Cream and sugar are set on the table if you desire, along with wedges of lemon and honey.

Sandwiches make their introduction and are placed daintily on your plate.  They each have their own names like English Cucumber, Classic Egg Salad, Hickory Smoked Salmon, Crisp Asparagus & Garlic Herb Mousse and Phoenician’s Lemon & Thyme Chicken Salad. They are all served as finger sandwiches sans the crust.  Just as you finish your last sandwich, the tray appears again so you can delight again in your favorites.  I must say the Crisp Asparagus and Garlic Herb Mousse with its poached asparagus tips, aged parma ham and Bourin mousse on white loaf bread is afternoon tea perfection.

Fresh baked scones visit the table next.  Buttermilk and Cherry scones are served with Devonshire Cream, Lemon Curd and Fresh Strawberry Preserves.  Slather the scones with all the above and enjoy.  Don’t forget to sip your tea and carry on your conversations.   There is nothing rushed about having afternoon tea, especially if you are having the Grand Royale Tea which included unlimited sparkling wine.

The arrival of the tea pastries causes exclamations of ooo’s and ahh’s.  Miniature pastries are constructed with artistic presence.  There are so many different pastries that I will only list a few of my favorites: Raspberry Opera Cake, Paris Brest with its cap of caramel, Scottish Shortbread, Lemon Cream Cake, and the adorable Fruit Tarlet.  Each one is only a bite or two but each a delight.  When the tray comes again to visit,  its hard to pass but you are feeling pretty full by now.  It’s the perfect time to sit back in your cozy chair or loveseat and listen to classical melodies being played live on the Phoenician’s grand piano.

The Phoenician’s Afternoon Tea is served daily in season.  Reservations are required.  Afternoon Tea starts at $36 per person and $45 for the Grand Royale Tea.

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