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One of the most unique culinary adventures in Scottsdale has to be at Posh.  Posh will take your typical dining experience and turn it upside down and leave you truly impressed.  Posh can have that kind of effect because it practices the art of “Improvisational Cuisine”- which is described on their website, “As a manner of dining in which the guest provides just enough information about preferences and dietary restrictions for Chef Joshua Hebert and his culinary staff to provide a modern and seasonal menu with a touch of innovation.”

Traditional menus are tossed out the like a wilted salad and replaced with a something similar to the concept of a sushi menu where you are offered a list of main ingredients and you cross off the items that you dislike. There is additional space on the bottom where you can add any other dislikes or food allergies. Posh specializes in vegan and gluten free fare. The creative chefs at Posh will take your list and surprise you with an amazing seasonal, improvised cuisine starting with 4 courses or if you desire into infinity. The courses start with usually either a soup or salad option and end with a fabulous dessert or cheese course.  Posh has an amazing dinner counter that surrounds the kitchen so you watch the action take place.  There are also cozy options for a romantic dinner and a cocktail bar that’s perfect for catching up with friends.

I recently had the opportunity to be a co-guest chef on the popular “Chef for a Night” series that takes place every other Monday evening.  Local foodie enthusiasts can take on the role of chef and create a themed menu for the evening. Friends and family can come in and enjoy drink specials with creative cocktails along with the special prix fixe menu.  My friend Beth Cochran and I teamed up and created a French menu inspired from Beth’s recent trip to France and our mutual adoration of a certain French pastry.

We started our menu Amuse Bouche style, which literally translates to “it entertains the mouth”.  What could entertain the mouth more than Onion Soup Gratinee baked on small serving spoon?  The second course was the “Entrée”, in France this is the small meal preceding the main course.  Our recommendation was three types of baby stuffed vegetables paired with a buckwheat crepe and egg and Gruyere cheese.  In true Posh style Josh created the adorable stuffed vegetables surrounding the crepe and topped it with a fried egg.  The Plat Principal made a grand entrance with options between Steak Frites with herb butter or Grilled Cod with a Mustard Sabayon. Both were served with de frites which was an improvised potato dish with lovely mustard sauce.

The Dessert course created murmurs of approval heard round the restaurant.  Lemon Crème Brulee was paired with adorable Lavender Macarons.  Macarons are the “certain French pastry” that hold the mutual adoration of Guest Chef Beth & I.  These petite creations have a very delicate crust that gives way to a light and moist interior. Two of these lavender cookies were sandwiched between a layer heavenly lavender buttercream.  Macarons definitely fit the description of Posh.

After the spectacular foodie experience at Posh along with the warm hospitality displayed by Josh and his amazing staff I highly recommend a visit to Posh. Take your time, savor and leave delighted!

Posh is open Tuesday through Saturday starting at 5 p.m. They are located at 7167 E. Rancho Vista Dr. Suite 111 Scottsdale AZ 85251 in the Optima Building. www.poshscottsdale.com/

Photo credit: Beth Cochran

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