What going “local” really means

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You’ve heard it before on this blog, and I’m sure you will hear it again: go local!

But what does going “local” really mean?

One of the easiest ways to describe going local is in terms  of purchasing products or services… locally.  So instead of purchasing your food from the grocery store, consider buying it from a local farmers market or a produce delivery service.

Why. might you ask?  Well, according to Local Harvest, “most produce in the US is picked 4 to 7 days before being placed on supermarket shelves, and is shipped for an average of 1500 miles before being sold.”  So basically, your food is traveling a long while before it gets to the supermarket shelves and into your shopping cart.  Why not purchase straight from the farmer? This helps the envioronment by cutting down on fuel costs, and helps you get the freshest produce available. And, you know exactly where it is coming from.

And what about services and other goods, besides food? Purchasing from local stores rather than chains puts more money back into your local enconomy. According to an article by The Daily Cougar, “for every dollar spent at non-local chain stores, only 15 cents of that goes back into the community, compared to the 45 cents that gets put back into the local economy when that same dollar is spent on local products or at local vendors.”  It makes sense to put more of your hard-earned money back into the economy that directly affects you.

So next time you’re buying food from a supermarket or a good or service from a large corporation or chain, think again about what that purchase means for you and your local economy!

What do you purchase locally? Has there been a difference in quality from what you are  used to? Let us know in the comments!

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