Make a Green New Year’s Resolution

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As the first of the year have come and gone, I’m sure there are already some who have abandoned their new years resolutions. This year, make your 2011 resolution one that you can stick to: going green. Here are five resolutions that you can easily keep:

1. Give up plastic bags. Use cloth shopping bags instead of plastic bags. This small switch can make a big difference in the long run.  Did you know that globally people use more than 500 billion plastic bags a year?  Plastic takes a very long time to degrade and burning it releases toxins into the air.  There is no good way to dispose of this much plastic, so do your part and put the plastic bag down. Keep a few reusable bags in your car so you don’t forget them!
2. Stop using paper towels. Paper towels are extremely wasteful no matter how you ply it.   They are made of paper, they are not reusable and they barely get the job done!  Microfiber towels are available at every grocery store and are washable!  Just toss them in the washing machine and they are good as new.
3. Don’t drive! Walk, run, bike, skip… do anything but drive!  Driving less saves you money, gets your blood pumping and saves the environment! Reduce your carbon footprint and carpool if you must drive somewhere or at the very least, utilize public transportation whenever possible.
4. Go seasonal. Buying fruits and vegetables that are in season can be less expensive and more sustainable.  Though it is tempting, purchasing fruits that are have been imported from across the country, or world, even, it is not good for the environment or your wallet!
5. RECYCLE. Yes, it is the oldest green living trick in the book.  But really, there is probably much more that you are able to recycle than you even know. Did you know you could recycle televisions, computers and more? Well, you can! You can also recycle some light bulbs, DVD players and cell phones.

What green resolution have you made? Let us know in the comments!

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