5 Ways to Help Your Community Go Green

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Going green is something you can do on your own, but it helps the environment even more when an entire community goes green.  Here are five ways you can help your community go green:

Go local.
Purchasing food, goods and services locally keeps resources and money flowing within the community.  Also, you get to know the people who are living and working within your community as well.  And better yet, you know exactly where the goods and/or services are coming from.

By participating in your community’s recycling program, you are helping the environment greatly.  And don’t only recycle at home – practice the same attitude at work. If your work building does not have a recycling program, get in touch with building management and see if you can help implement a recycling plan.

Volunteer. There are many green and eco-friendly programs in communities through schools and local groups.  Get involved with your child’s school or volunteer when you can.  I’m sure every local group can use a helping hand.

Educate others. Take the time to educate others in your community about the environment and ways they can help!  Sometimes it takes a push from a neighbor or a friend to make the commitment to going green.

Get involved with local politics. By educating yourself about the happenings with local politicians, you can make a difference. Whether you are protesting against an unwanted development or helping to influence politicians to make eco-conscious decisions, you can help your community be a better and greener place!

What was do you help out in your community?

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